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Lost my icon muse for a long while there but I'm getting back to making icons again. The Kingdom Hearts icons had been posted before but I've decided to redo them to give then a fresh look.

[65] Icons
[10] Art - 100 Masters of Bishoujo Panting
[10] Guilty Crown
[10] Hourou Musuko
[05] Hyouka
[05] Kingdom Hearts
[05] Marcross Frontier / Lin Minmei
[07] Young Justice
[13] Zegapain

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[kingdom hearts] colours

Miwa Shirow & redjuice art icons

I haven't made icons for almost four months and came back with really crappy lousy ones. I'm trying to get used to making them on the laptop instead of the widescreen computer. Colouring is more or less the same but I think I may have lost the touch a little during those months. XD I'll try to get back into making icons again and maybe, do some manga colouring as well.

[06] Miwa Shirow
[11] Redjuice

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I keep asking whether I can do this

Icon progression for the year of 2011

I've seen this meme going around the circuit on the LJ icon scene, so thought I'd follow suit. I think this is a really neat concept, seeing how an icon maker has progressed over the

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Icon resolution for 2012. Icon something each month. The fact that there are several missing months on this chart saddens me. :(
I keep asking whether I can do this

A tale of souls and swords

With all of the changes that livejournal has made, I'm moving over to DreamWidth. I'll coss-post to this comm as well for now, but I'm not so sure about the future. That said onto the important business, icons!

20 icons of the ladies of Soul Calibur for and 49 extras/alternates.

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I keep asking whether I can do this

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Don't have much in the way of icons right now, but I might share some of the wallpapers I made recently. No sure if there's much interest for that sort of thing, but it was a fun way to branch out and experiment.